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If you’re taking the time to have your eyes checked, it makes good sense to ensure that you get a complete Eye Exam.

Don’t be misled! Some optical stores have started to offer what they call “sight tests,” often free of charge. But make no mistake, a sight test is not an eye exam. Only Optometrists and Ophthalmologists are trained and licensed to perform eye exams. Your health depends on knowing the difference.

A Sight Test does NOT tell the whole story. A complete eye exam includes more than just a sight test to assess your prescription for glasses or contact lenses! Other factors such as binocular vision (how your eyes work together) and accommodation (how well your eyes adjust their focus) also impact the spectacle prescription your Optometrist gives you. You could develop eyestrain, headaches, or even double vision if these additional elements are not taken into proper consideration. Your Optometrist may recommend vision therapy in addition to or instead of glasses or contact lenses.

Regular visits to your Optometrist are the best way to detect eye health problems, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma in time for effective treatment. These visits could also uncover serious overall health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes or thyroid disorders. Your Doctor of Optometry can also prescribe topical medication to treat or control certain eye conditions, infections or diseases such as bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye.

Infections or diseases like glaucoma and diabetes will NOT be detected by a Sight Test. Don’t settle for anything less than a complete eye examination by a trained doctor.

DID YOU KNOW that by visiting your OPTOMETRIST for your complete eye exam, you can be sure that your eye health is monitored by someone who cares not only about your vision, but about your total eye and overall health?

WE CARE about your eyes!

Here’s how eye care works in Alberta:

Optometrists examine, diagnose and manage eye diseases and disorders of the vision system. Treatment may include corrective lenses, medication or referral to another specialist. Doctors of Optometry conduct the vast majority of eye exams in Alberta.

Ophthalmologists are physicians who diagnose diseases and disorders of the vision system. Treatment may include corrective lenses, medication and surgery.

Opticians are licensed technicians who fit and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses.

NOW is the time to make an appointment with your Optometrist for a complete Eye Examination!