Examination Facilities

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Fundus Lenses

Used with the Slit Lamp and BIO to provide additional magnification for assessing internal eye health.

Ophthalmoscope & Retinoscope

Handheld instruments that can be used in the assessment of your eye health and prescription.

Pseudoisochromatic Plates

Screens for colour vision deficiencies.

Stereoacuity Test

Uses polarized filters to test subtle depth judgments.

BIO (Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope)

Worn by the doctor to observe internal nerve tissue not visible through the larger slit lamp.

LCD Eye Chart

Displays letters and animated testing stimuli for dynamic testing of both adults and children.

Slit Lamp

Used to manify the internal or external eye for health assesment.


Use to refine your eyeglass prescription by presenting the series of lenses.